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"I poured everything I had into you and you were still empty."
— Iviva Olenick (via splitterherzen)

(via losingscarsandmymind)

what’s wrong with me that I am always ignored and treated like garbage by so many people I’m afraid of living and afraid of dying I just want to scream and rip my head off and punch myself in the chest and hammer my heart until its gone and sleep for awhile. I’m always nice and I don’t know how to be mean I can’t bring myself to stand up for myself most of the time. I’m a flower and gets stepped on constantly until I run out of petals and sit there without out a mouth to speak with or a hand to raise or anything. what’s wrong with me? People always ask why I’m so quiet, I just don’t like when too much attention is on me, I’m boring, I don’t really like other ppl that much even though that line is overly used, I really hate people. I don’t know why everything matters to me if I don’t care for anything..that never made sense to me. Will I ever grow and bloom and stop this from taking over me? I wish to die but I don’t want to die, I’m afraid. Where will I go? Have I sinned enough to end up in Hell? have I lived enough to end up in Heaven? (Sorry to bring out religion) I’m afraid of how I’ll die and when. I hate growing up that’s the worst thing to ever happen to a person. Time is moving so slow but so fast and I’m wasting my life. Out of so many people on planet Earth, why was I born ME? Why was I born at all? Just why why why why why?